About Us

 salyuda logo

"We believe that borders and location should not stop patients from finding the Medical and Wellness professionals which are right for them." 

At salyuda we want to make sure that you find the Medical or Wellness experience you are looking for. That is why we are working hard to create a network of the best Medical and Wellness professionals in the world. If you know of a Medical and Wellness professional who you believe should be part of our network, submit their details here and we will get in contact with them.

Why the name "salyuda"?

The Spanish word for health is "salud" and the word for help is "ayuda", as we help you to find the Healthcare and Wellness providers which are a good fit for your needs; putting "health" and "help" together with "salud" and "ayuda" you get salyuda.

And what is that in the logo is it a paper plane or a heart or....?

You are correct, it's both, a heart folded into a paper aeroplane.

Why are the "y" and the "a" in a different color?

"Ya" means now in Spanish so all you Spanish speakers will hopefully read the "Salud ya" in there.


Now you know why we set about our mission. Come join Team salyuda and help us help others find the help they need!