Appointment with Dr. Aarón González Enciso

Appointment with Dr. Aarón González Enciso

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Appointment with Dr. Aarón González Enciso

Specialty: General Surgery

City: Ciudad de México, CDMX

Location: Hospital Médica Sur

Address: Puente de Piedra 150, Toriello Guerra, 14050 Tlalpan, CDMX

Nearest Airport:

  • Mexico City Airport - Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México (MEX)
  • Distance: 13.7 mi (22.1 km)


Video - Conference:

In the case that you cannot visit the clinic of the Professional Partner* in-person to - you may prefer to initiate the treatment process via video-conference. This will allow you to have a human interaction before making the journey in person and committing to work with this particular professional.

This initial call usually takes 10-20 minutes to get to understand your what your current concerns are.

This video consultation will be carried out in one of our salyuda Virtual Consultation Rooms*. The room will be assigned to you and your provider once the date and time of the appointment are confirmed.

You can invite two additional people to attend the salyuda Virtual Consultation Room by sending the link provided to them. Once on the call you can  lock the room, adding an additional layer of security and privacy to your call.

As we explain in detail below, at salyuda we do not save any details in relation to your consultation. The relationship at all times remains strictly between you and the Medical or Wellness Professional you choose to work with.


It is important to remember that in the event the Medical or Wellness Professional whose consultation you purchase, does not practice in the country where you live; and the consultation results in a prescription, you will be required to take your prescription to an international clinic in your city in order for the prescription to be re-written for you. Your international clinic will prescribe the local equivalent of any medications stated on your script.

*Professional Partner - refers to any Medical or Wellness Professional advertising their services on the salyuda platform.

**salyuda Virtual Consultation Rooms

To be considered if you purchase a consultation via a salyuda Virtual Consultation Room.

For each patient consultation we create a virtual room which is to be specifically used for your call and for your call only.

Once a call has started and you are happy that all attendees have joined you can lock the room to add an additional layer of certainty that nobody will interrupt the conference call. This step is not strictly necessary, as thee only people who are aware of the call details are you, your doctor and those you have chosen to invite.

Once the call is complete we delete the room as it is no longer needed. This ensures that there is no possibility of anyone becoming aware of your room details in advance of your call.

We understand that your privacy is of utmost importance, this is why we have chosen to work with a video-conference technology provider who help us to put security and privacy at the core of the service we offer. The ability to create virtual rooms for each client call and once completed, delete the virtual room ensures to us that it is not possible to predict the details of a conference call in advance nor is it possible for any digital trace of the call to be left behind. You will not be required to create an account to access the salyuda Virtual Consultation Room which is created for your conference call.

Professional Responsibility Our role at salyuda is to help you find the Medical or Wellness Professional which suits your needs. Any facilitation we provide in addition to this, such as video conference facilities is provided as is and does not signify the assumption of Professional responsibility for the services provided by the Medical or Wellness Professional you have chosen. At all times the professional relationship remains between you and the Medical or Wellness Professional you have chosen and and responsibility for such remains between these two parties.

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